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Verve font

Verve family (Adobe Type Library) contains 3 fonts.

"My concept was to create an elegant condensed typeface that would be a typeface for the millennium, in style and functionality,” says Brian Sooy, creator of Verve.

Sooy’s 1998 vision of the new millennium takes shape in a typeface that suggests technology-driven humanism. Uniform character widths and vertical strokes create a rhythm of electronic precision, while subtle yet sensual curves evoke hand lettering.

The weight ranges from regular to black—which, combined with various sizes of text, helps imbue designs with rich typographic texture. Verve also offers alternate versions of the euro, F, S, T, Y, f, j, h, k, m, n, and r. Create strong identities for posters, packaging and Web sites using varying weights of Verve, or punctuate headlines and titles on otherwise bland old 20th-century designs.

Verve Std Regular

Verve Std Regular sample
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Verve Std Bold

Verve Std Bold sample
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Verve Std Black

Verve Std Black sample
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