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Verdana font


Verdana family (Ascender Foundry) contains 4 fonts.

The Verdana fonts were created specifically to address the challenges of on-screen display.

Designed by world renowned type designer Matthew Carter, and hand-hinted by leading hinting expert, Tom Rickner, these sans serif fonts are unique examples of type design for the computer screen.

The generous width and spacing of Verdana’s characters is key to the legibility of these fonts on the screen. Despite the quality of the Verdana font family at small sizes it is at higher resolutions that the fonts are best appreciated.

In the words of Tom Rickner, ‘My hope now is that these faces will be enjoyed beyond just the computer screen. Although the screen size bitmaps were the most crucial in the production of these fonts [their] uses should not be limited to on screen typography.’


Verdana sample
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Verdana Italic

Verdana Italic sample
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Verdana Bold

Verdana Bold sample
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Verdana Bold Italic

Verdana Bold Italic sample
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