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SM Gothic font

SM Gothic

SM Gothic family (Adobe Type Library) contains 4 fonts.

SM Gothic Std was designed by Jungho Choi (1916-1988) with help from Soonho Kwon in 1988 for Doosan Donga, the largest publisher in Korea. Jungho Choi is considered one of the greatest Korean type designers, and his work is used to teach typeface design in Korean universities. Professor Sangsoo Ahn revised the design for SoftMagic.

SM Gothic Std was designed to enhance readability, and its stroke structure is optimized for digital reproduction. SM Gothic Std is commonly used for body text by Korean magazines.

SM Gothic Std Light

SM Gothic Std Light sample
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SM Gothic Std Medium

SM Gothic Std Medium sample
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SM Gothic Std DemiBold

SM Gothic Std DemiBold sample
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SM Gothic Std Bold

SM Gothic Std Bold sample
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