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Penumbra Sans font

Penumbra Sans

Penumbra Sans family (Adobe Type Library) contains 4 fonts.

Penumbra, designed by Lance Hidy in 1994, is an all-capital design. Hidy derived Penumbra from his poster lettering-monoline forms with a blending of contemporary and traditional qualities, which has evolved since the 1970s.

Penumbra’s style range from a Futura-like sans serif to a Sistina-like serif can be successfully used in myriad display situations.

Penumbra Sans Std Light

Penumbra Sans Std Light sample
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Penumbra Sans Std Regular

Penumbra Sans Std Regular sample
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Penumbra Sans Std SemiBold

Penumbra Sans Std SemiBold sample
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Penumbra Sans Std Bold

Penumbra Sans Std Bold sample
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