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PF Stamps Pro font

PF Stamps Pro

PF Stamps Pro family (Parachute library) contains 7 fonts.

PF Stamps covers a wide range of applications which require the stamp effect.

This is a form of lettering which was very popular in the mid-twentieth century for product labeling. Special machinery was developed by mainly two companies, one in the United States and the other in Germany. This machinery produced paper die cuts which were later used as a base for the marking with a paintbrush.

PF Stamps Paint was developed to simulate this type of lettering. Two other styles, Metal and Flex, have been very popular since its original release. The first one was developed from a metallic stamp imprint, whereas the second one with its slight 3-D look simulates letters stamped on plastic. To insure realistic results, uppercase letters are different from lowercase. This is very useful when two similar letters sit next to each other. There 3 more styles: Solid (the stencil in its regular clean form), Rough and the very interesting Blur.

The all new “Pro” version comes to complete this series with what was missing: 93 matching frames and frames parts which will satisfy the most demanding designer. This is a bonus font which is available only with the purchase of the whole family. Use these frames “as is” at any size, or connect the frame parts to each other to create longer frames.

Finally, this series supports more than hundred languages which are based on the Latin, Greek or Cyrillic scripts.

PF Stamps Pro Solid

PF Stamps Pro Solid sample
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PF Stamps Pro Blur

PF Stamps Pro Blur sample
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PF Stamps Pro Rough

PF Stamps Pro Rough sample
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PF Stamps Pro Paint

PF Stamps Pro Paint sample
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PF Stamps Pro Metal

PF Stamps Pro Metal sample
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PF Stamps Pro Flex

PF Stamps Pro Flex sample
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PF Stamps Pro Frames

PF Stamps Pro Frames sample
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