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PF Occula font

PF Occula

PF Occula family (Parachute library) contains 4 fonts.

Occula on Behance.
Occula: Specimen Manual PDF.

Occula is an exploration into high-legibility type although it’s not an effort to design the ultimate typeface in terms of economy and legibility. Instead, the goal has been to strike a balance between modern curves and lively old-style rhythm – using a rational design approach without becoming monotone. Or from another point of view: being humanistic and lively without looking old-fashioned and quirky.

PF Occula Regular

PF Occula Regular sample
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PF Occula Italic

PF Occula Italic sample
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PF Occula Bold

PF Occula Bold sample
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PF Occula Bold Italic

PF Occula Bold Italic sample
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