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PF Libera Pro font

PF Libera Pro

PF Libera Pro family (Parachute library) contains 3 fonts.

PF Libera was designed at a time of leisure with no particular intention for commercial use. In fact it was offered in the beginning as a freeware.

In 2001, designer Charis Tsevis was convinced that it may have some commercial value, so Parachute obtained the rights to sell this typeface. At that time, we did not even imagine what would follow.

Since then, PF Libera is one of our most successful typefaces. We have seen it being used in very diverse applications. From publishing to advertising to banking, to transportation, to retail applications. Food, beverages, fashion, automobiles, tourism, the list goes on and on.

In any way, this typeface is very personal, modern and provocative. It stays with you and definitely it brings along the message. PF Libera comes in 3 styles. One of them, ‘Liberissima’, was added later and is more loose than the other two.

The new ‘Pro’ version is powered with 7 OpenType features and is carefully designed to include all languages that are based on Latin, Greek and Cyrillic.

PF Libera Pro Regular

PF Libera Pro Regular sample
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PF Libera Pro Bold

PF Libera Pro Bold sample
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PF Libera Pro Liberissima

PF Libera Pro Liberissima sample
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