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PF Kids Pro font

PF Kids Pro

PF Kids Pro family (Parachute library) contains 3 fonts.

This is not just a typeface inspired by a kid’s first attempts to write. This is in fact how exactly a kid writes. Alexandros Papalexis was born again kid when he became a father. This series came about while designing his daughter’s birthday invitations. Since its first release, it has been constantly on our most wanted list. You step into a supermarket, a bookstore or a clothing store and you see tens of products using this typeface. Anything from baby products, food, clothing, children’s books and magazines, print and TV campaigns, you name it. But don't just stick to the name. Every single weight serves the right purpose. This is why this typeface has also been used extensively for grown-up market. Recently, it was upgraded to include Latin, Greek and Cyrillic. Furthermore, the accompanied series of pictograms was completed and loaded with 125 western and eastern European pieces.

PF Kids Pro Grade One

PF Kids Pro Grade One sample
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PF Kids Pro Grade Five

PF Kids Pro Grade Five sample
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PF Kids Pro Grade Three

PF Kids Pro Grade Three sample
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