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PF Fuel Pro font

PF Fuel Pro

PF Fuel Pro font (Parachute library). Click on the font picture to buy the font.

This typeface was inspired by the rough surroundings of a modern city and reflects the contradicting nature of an emerging global youth culture.

Ever since its first release—back in late 1999— it is constantly on our ‘most wanted’ list and has been part of numerous product campaigns. Music, mobile telephony, food and beverages, politics, you name it. Coca-Cola used it, José Cuervo used it for about 3 years.

The new ‘Pro’ version goes one step ahead. You may now capture the essence of the younger generation in every major European language. PF Fuel has been extended with the full array of Cyrillic characters as well as matching frames for this extra stamped look. Furthermore there more alternate characters than ever. Create a custom look, when same characters sit close, or one next to the other. You may find these useful—alternate characters either in the lowercase positions, or access them through the ‘stylistic alternates’ OpenType Pro feature.

If you need some extra fuel, this is where to get it!

PF Fuel Pro

PF Fuel Pro sample
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