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PF DIN Serif font

PF DIN Serif

PF DIN Serif family (Parachute library) contains 10 fonts.

DIN Serif: Specimen Manual PDF
The DIN Type System: A Comparison Table

This is the first ever release of a true serif companion for the popular DIN typeface. DIN Serif originated in a custom project for a watchmaking journal which required a modern serif to work in unison and match the inherent simplicity of DIN. As a result, a solid, confident and well-balanced typeface was developed which is simple and neutral enough when set at small sizes, but sturdy and powerful when set at heavier weights and bigger sizes. It utilizes the skeleton of the original DIN and retains its basic proportions such as x-height, caps height and descenders, whereas ascenders were slightly increased.

DIN Serif makes no attempt to impress with ephemeral nifty details on individual letters, but instead it concentrates on a few modern, functional and everlasting novelties which express an overall distinct quality on the page and set it apart from most classic romans.

This is a low contrast typeface with vertical axis and squarish form which brings out a balance between simplicity and legibility. Its narrow proportions offer economy of space which is critical for newspaper body text and headlines. At small sizes the text has an even texture, it is comfortable and highly readable. The serifs are narrow at heavy weights and when tight typesetting is applied at large sizes, the heavier weights become ideal for headlines.

DIN Serif was inspired by late 19th century Egyptian and earlier transitional roman faces. Bracketed serifs were placed on the upper part of the letterforms (this is where we mostly concentrate our attention when we read) whereas small clean square serifs were placed on and under the baseline to simplify the letterforms. In order to reduce visual tension at the joins and make reading smooth and comfortable, a slight hint of bracketed serif was added at the joins in the form of a subtle angular tapered serif, which softens the harsh angularity. These angular tapered serifs tend to disappear at smaller sizes (or smooth out the joins) but stand out at bigger sizes exuding a strong, modern and energetic personality.

What started out as a custom 2 weight family, it has developed into a full scale superfamily with 10 styles from Regular to ExtraBlack along with their italics. Additional features were added such as small caps, alternate letters and numbers as well as numerous symbols for branding, signage and publishing. All weights were meticulously hinted for excellent display performance on the web. Finally, DIN Serif supports more that 100 languages such as those based on the Latin, Greek and Cyrillic alphabet.

PF DIN Serif Regular

PF DIN Serif Regular sample
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PF DIN Serif Italic

PF DIN Serif Italic sample
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PF DIN Serif Medium

PF DIN Serif Medium sample
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PF DIN Serif Medium Italic

PF DIN Serif Medium Italic sample
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PF DIN Serif Bold

PF DIN Serif Bold sample
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PF DIN Serif Bold Italic

PF DIN Serif Bold Italic sample
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PF DIN Serif Black

PF DIN Serif Black sample
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PF DIN Serif Black Italic

PF DIN Serif Black Italic sample
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PF DIN Serif XBlack

PF DIN Serif XBlack sample
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PF DIN Serif XBlack Italic

PF DIN Serif XBlack Italic sample
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