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Orgánica GMM SemiSerif font

Orgánica GMM SemiSerif font (Adobe Type Library). Click on the font picture to buy the font.

Gabriel Martinez Meave’s Organica Semiserif emerged from the idea of creating a typeface with no uniform strokes or curves of a predictable modulation. The intent was a font with a more “organic” look, even though it is designed with deliberately artificial shapes.

Originally, Meave designed the font as a sans, but during development he experimented with adding contrast in the horizontal and vertical strokes and placing serifs on some of the terminations. This curvilinear treatment in the resulting font is intriguing, and provides a surprising legibility.

Organica possesses a personality of its own, and it will add a breath of fresh air to display typography.

Organica GMM SemiSerif Roman

Organica GMM SemiSerif Roman sample
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