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MVB Magnolia font

MVB Magnolia font (Adobe Type Library). Click on the font picture to buy the font.

A comfortable tuxedo, a bright boutonniere, and a spring in your step. With Magnolia, Mark van Bronkhorst’s aim was to convey a sense of formality without stiffness. The slim lines and swooping vertical strokes cut an elegant figure.

But the bouncy serifs, unimposingly low crossbars and relaxed bowls (see the “R” and “S”) make Magnolia approachable and friendly. It was designed by Mark and released by MvB Design in 1993, and revised for Adobe in 1998.

Use Magnolia as a display face, especially at large sizes, anywhere that “high-end” and “humor” are part of the program.

MVB Magnolia Std

MVB Magnolia Std sample
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