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MVB Magnesium font

MVB Magnesium family (Adobe Type Library) contains 2 fonts.

Employees Only. No Parking. Deliveries in Rear. Old hand-lettered signs from the early twentieth century provided inspiration for Mark van Bronkhorst’s Magnesium.

The typeface was designed to be strong and simple, and stylish but not slick - no wonder it’s currently used well by a luxury car manufacturer in its advertising campaigns.

Try it at small sizes, tracked open - it’s remarkably clear on paper or screen. Or use it big on billboards. It’s so strong, it even stands up to the rough handling afforded it in the Grime version.

MVB Magnesium Std

MVB Magnesium Std sample
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MVB Magnesium Std Grime

MVB Magnesium Std Grime sample
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