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MVB Celestia Antiqua font

MVB Celestia Antiqua

MVB Celestia Antiqua family (Adobe Type Library) contains 4 fonts.

Mark van Bronkhorst designed Celestia as an alternative to Caslon Antique at a time when few rough-edged fonts were available. He borrowed the basic forms from an early attempt he'd made at designing an oldstyle roman typeface, this time redrawing the letterforms with stronger serifs and adding the rough-edges. Designed to be more open and readable in text settings than Caslon Antique, Celestia’s gentle roughness becomes more apparent when used in display settings. An italic design, based on van Bronkhorst’s calligraphy, complements the roman character set.

Celestia Antiqua Std

Celestia Antiqua Std sample
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Celestia Antiqua Std Italic

Celestia Antiqua Std Italic sample
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Celestia Antiqua Std SemiBold

Celestia Antiqua Std SemiBold sample
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Celestia Antiqua Std Bold

Celestia Antiqua Std Bold sample
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