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Legault family (Adobe Type Library) contains 2 fonts.

As marketing research shows, the first thing people read on a page is the handwritten notes; then the captions. Eventually they might read the body copy.

Texas designer Diana Craft catered to these universal reading habits with her charming, handwritten 1998 typeface Legault. Its friendly letterforms are legible and professional-looking and immediately attract attention on any printed page.

Based on Craft’s own hand lettering, Legault has also been christened with her maiden name. Legault works best at point sizes 14-36 and excels at creating readable captions and annotations—or any bit of information that would benefit from an informal, personal touch.

It can be used successfully in ads and logos, as well as on greeting cards, packages, clothing labels, and Web pages. Alternate characters further extend its usefulness for design professionals.

Legault Std

Legault Std sample
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Legault Std Bold

Legault Std Bold sample
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