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Koorkin family (Monotype Imaging library) contains 4 fonts.

“I originally drew the primary characters with a felt tip marker, scanned them and then proceeded to noodle on the computer,” says George Ryan of his new typeface, Koorkin. “Over the years, I’ve designed many original typefaces, but Koorkin has become one of my favorites. I’ve worked on hundreds of highly structured text faces. For the most part, the roots of all of them can be found in the handwritten letterforms we learn as children. I enjoy going back to these shapes whenever the opportunity presents itself. ”The happy result of Ryan‘s felt tip marker sketches and his love of simple letterforms is a new family of upright and italic scripts in medium and bold weights.


Koorkin sample
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Koorkin Italic

Koorkin Italic sample
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Koorkin Bold

Koorkin Bold sample
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Koorkin Bold Italic

Koorkin Bold Italic sample
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