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Kigali font

Kigali family (Adobe Type Library) contains 3 fonts.

Designed by Arthur Baker in 1994 for URW, Kigali is a wide-bodied display type with bold, uneven pen-drawn strokes that taper dramatically downward.

This unusual theme creates a unique, recognizable look.

Furthering the effect, the Kigali family contains additional decorative design fonts, one with a zigzag pattern filling the spacious strokes, and another with the letters in black squares for use as ornamental initials.

The regular and italic versions include two alternate faces: one with long, tall ascenders and regular-length descenders, and one with shortened ascenders and descenders that allow it to fit where its companion might not.

Use Kigali sparingly in display advertising, labels, flyers, and other incidental work.

Kigali Std Roman

Kigali Std Roman sample
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Kigali Std Italic

Kigali Std Italic sample
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Kigali Std Zig Zag

Kigali Std Zig Zag sample
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