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Jerk Chicken BT font

Jerk Chicken BT

Jerk Chicken BT font (Bitstream library). Click on the font picture to buy the font.

British designer Thomas Oldfield, who brought you Hombre BT and Reaper, has scratched out another typeface, this one called Jerk Chicken BT.

I guess, if you can imagine a quill tip pen somehow wedged 'tween a scrawny chicken’s toes, you'd end up with the scrawl, blobs, blotches and bleeds that would make most type designers run for the hen house. Not Thomas; he saw only commercial potential. So lay down some scratch and order up some Jerk Chicken BT. Hey, while you're at it, why not extend the license to a dozen users?

Available as an OpenType font, Jerk Chicken BT includes of a couple of ornaments, well parts, namely a drumstick and a whole fryer, and its extended character set supports Baltic and Central European languages.

Jerk Chicken BT

Jerk Chicken BT sample
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