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ITC Wisteria font

ITC Wisteria

ITC Wisteria font (ITC library). Click on the font picture to buy the font.

ITC Wisteria was designed by Michael Stacey, a Florida-based artist and graphic designer. An ardent collector and recycler of vintage graphic design and typography, Stacey is especially intrigued by the lettering styles of sign painters and show-card lettering artists from the days when most display typography was hand-rendered. ITC Wisteria is one such style, taken from the 1930s, which he has updated for digital imaging. His goal was to retain the loose, casual feel of handlettering, while imparting what he calls “the crisp finish of current precision typography.” Like the plant it was named after, ITC Wisteria is both rugged and beautiful. The design is a constructed brush script that successfully melds the strength and dynamism of strong character shapes with the grace of script letterforms. The split-brush strokes, although obviously constructed, also impart a sense of immediacy to the design.


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