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ITC Garamond Handtooled font

ITC Garamond Handtooled family (Adobe Type Library) contains 2 fonts.

Some of the most popular typefaces in history are those based on the types of the sixteenth-century printer, publisher, and type designer Claude Garamond, whose sixteenth-century types were modeled on those of Venetian printers from the end of the previous century.

ITC Garamond, drawn by Tony Stan for the International Typeface Corporation, was released in 1976-1977.

In this version, the sixteenth-century Garamond types have been redrawn to fit twentieth-century expectations, including a larger x-height, a broader range of weights plus related condensed faces, and tighter letterspacing. ITC Garamond is popular for advertising, packaging, and newsletters.

Garamond Std Handtooled Bold

Garamond Std Handtooled Bold sample
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Garamond Std Handtooled Bold Italic

Garamond Std Handtooled Bold Italic sample
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