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EuroMachina font


EuroMachina family (Bitstream library) contains 4 fonts.

The boss of extended typefaces, Brian Bonislawsky, has belted out this ultra wide design, EuroMachina, that looks like an odd meld of OCR-A, Microgramma and Bank Gothic. And if that wasn't enough, Brian then felt the need to distort it in various ways, creating Broken, Eroded and OverGreased. A little something for everyone.

EuroMachina BT

EuroMachina BT sample
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EuroMachina BT Eroded

EuroMachina BT Eroded sample
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EuroMachina BT Broken

EuroMachina BT Broken sample
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EuroMachina BT OverGreased

EuroMachina BT OverGreased sample
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