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Ecliptica BT font

Ecliptica BT

Ecliptica BT family (Bitstream library) contains 5 fonts.

Ecliptica is an extended family of five very condensed typefaces in a single bold weight. The creation of Australian designer Robert Bell. Ecliptica has a Sans, a Semi-Serif, a Serif and a single Cursive that can be used with any of the other three styles. As an added bonus, Robert also designed a modern Blackletter companion.

The Ecliptica family is an unusual layout of styles and all work equally well with one another. The OpenType versions of the Ecliptica fonts support an extended Latin character set that includes a full array of fractions as well as additional ligatures. The Sans and Cursive fonts contain some cap and lowercase alternates.

Ecliptica BT Sans

Ecliptica BT Sans sample
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Ecliptica BT SemiSerif

Ecliptica BT SemiSerif sample
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Ecliptica BT Serif

Ecliptica BT Serif sample
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Ecliptica BT Cursive

Ecliptica BT Cursive sample
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Ecliptica BT Blackletter

Ecliptica BT Blackletter sample
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