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Didot family (Adobe Type Library) contains 5 fonts.

The typeface family known as Didot was designed by Firmin Didot in Paris in 1783. The Didot types defined the characteristics of the modern (or Didone) roman type style, with their substantial stems flowing into extremely thin hairlines; the serifs are straight across with virtually no bracketing. Because of the very fine hairlines that are characteristic of modern romans, their use was somewhat restricted in metal types.

Designed by Adrian Frutiger for digital technology in 1992, Linotype Didot retains all of the features that make Didot types superior for book work and other text use; like Bodoni, its delicate lines are enhanced in display uses.

Didot LT Std Italic

Didot LT Std Italic sample
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Didot LT Std Roman

Didot LT Std Roman sample
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Didot LT Std Headline

Didot LT Std Headline sample
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Didot LT Std Bold

Didot LT Std Bold sample
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Didot LT Std Ornaments

Didot LT Std Ornaments sample
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