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DIN Schriften font

DIN Schriften

DIN Schriften family (Adobe Type Library) contains 2 fonts.

The letters DIN refer to the Deutsche Industrie-Norm, the German Industrial Standard; among their many uses, these typefaces are seen on most road signs and license plates in what was formerly West Germany. One of the primary criteria for the DIN Schriften design was a facility for reproduction. There are four geometric sans serif typefaces, of roughly the same weight but of various widths, from quite round to condensed.

Use DIN Schriften for signage, posters, and display work that emanates a neo-1990s look.

These OpenType fonts include regular and alternate versions of the following characters: 6, 9.

DIN Mittelschrift Std

DIN Mittelschrift Std sample
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DIN Engschrift Std

DIN Engschrift Std sample
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