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Constantia family (Ascender Foundry) contains 4 fonts.

Constantia is a modulated wedge-serif typeface designed primarily for continuous text in both electronic and paper publishing. The design responds to the recent narrowing of the gap between screen readability and traditional print media, exploiting specific aspects of the most recent advances in ClearType rendering, such as sub-pixel positioning. The classic proportions of relatively small x-height and long extenders make Constantia ideal for book and journal publishing, while the slight squareness and open counters ensure that it remains legible even at small sizes.

Constantia was tuned for ClearType rendering environment and is included with Windows Vista and Office 2007.


Constantia sample
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Constantia Italic

Constantia Italic sample
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Constantia Bold

Constantia Bold sample
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Constantia Bold Italic

Constantia Bold Italic sample
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