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Chianti BT WGL4 font

Chianti BT WGL4

Chianti BT WGL4 family (Bitstream library) contains 4 fonts.

Chianti was designed at Bitstream by senior designer Dennis Pasternak in 1991 and initially released in 1995. The intent behind the design was to provide a humanist sanserif of high readability at a wide range of sizes and weights.

Humanist sanserifs (others that fall into this category are Linotype’s Frutiger and Optima, and Monotype’s Gill Sans) are an attempt to improve the readability of sanserifs by applying classical roman structure to the letterforms.

To enhance its versatility, Mr. Pasternak designed a wide variety of alternate characters, rare ligatures, ornaments and swashes. Chianti is a friendly sanserif useful for a broad range of typographic needs.

Chianti WGL4

Chianti WGL4 sample
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Chianti WGL4 Italic

Chianti WGL4 Italic sample
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Chianti WGL4 Bold

Chianti WGL4 Bold sample
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Chianti WGL4 Bold Italic

Chianti WGL4 Bold Italic sample
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