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Bertham Pro font

Bertham Pro

Bertham Pro family (Ascender Foundry) contains 4 fonts.

Bertham Pro Family (4 fonts) is a revival of Frederic W. Goudy’s Bertham typeface.

Steve Matteson produced this unique typeface and added bold, italic and openface styles. The fonts include a variety of OpenType features including swash capitals, small capitals and old style figures. It is unmistakably American in appearance recalling a day of quality craftsmanship and hard work.

Publishing, branding and packaging materials will draw inspired attention due to its grace and distinctive appearance.

Bertham Pro

Bertham Pro sample
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Bertham Pro Italic

Bertham Pro Italic sample
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Bertham Pro Bold

Bertham Pro Bold sample
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Bertham Pro Open

Bertham Pro Open sample
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