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Bell Centennial font

Bell Centennial

Bell Centennial family (Bitstream library) contains 4 fonts.

Designed specifically for AT&T by Matthew Carter at Mergenthaler to replace Bell Gothic with a typeface that made effective use of digital typesetting technology, Bell Centennial gets several more lines per page than Bell Gothic, reduces calls to information because of its significantly higher legibility under adverse printing conditions, saving AT&T many millions of dollars per year.

Although intended for use at small sizes, Mazda UK used Bell Centennial at huge sizes to striking effect in a mid-1990s ad campaign.

Bell Centennial Address

Bell Centennial Address sample
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Bell Centennial SubCaption

Bell Centennial SubCaption sample
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Bell Centennial Name and Number

Bell Centennial Name and Number sample
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Bell Centennial Bold Listing

Bell Centennial Bold Listing sample
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