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Ryo Display PlusN font

Ryo Display PlusN

Ryo Display PlusN family (Adobe Type Library) contains 5 fonts.

In addition to the kana characters that used to be supported by Ryo, a full-set of Adobe-Japan1-3 characters of Kozuka Mincho was added and Ryo became a Std OpenType font.*1

Ryo Display has been specifically designed for use when setting copy in larger sizes, such as in headlines or posters.

Like the previous version of Ryo Display, Ryo Display PlusN can be used, combined with other full-set Mincho typefaces, but now it’s possible to use it as a stand-alone Japanese font.

The family of Ryo Display PlusN has the five weights of Medium, SemiBold, Bold, ExtraBold, and Heavy. Ryo Display PlusN is an OpenType Std font supporting the Adobe-Japan1-3 Character Collection. We recommend you to use the Composite Font tool of Adobe InDesign® Japanese edition in order to use this typeface combined with other Japanese typefaces.


-- 1 In addition to the Adobe-Japan1-3 characters, Ryo Display PlusN has the Printing Standard Glyphs defined by the National Language Council.

Ryo Disp PlusN Medium

Ryo Disp PlusN Medium sample
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Ryo Disp PlusN SemiBold

Ryo Disp PlusN SemiBold sample
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Ryo Disp PlusN Bold

Ryo Disp PlusN Bold sample
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Ryo Disp PlusN ExtraBold

Ryo Disp PlusN ExtraBold sample
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Ryo Disp PlusN Heavy

Ryo Disp PlusN Heavy sample
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