Bimbo font

Bimbo Ballpoint

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Bimbo Ballpoint sample

Bimbo Finetip

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Bimbo Finetip sample

Bimbo Regular

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Bimbo Regular sample

Bimbo Sharpie

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Bimbo Sharpie sample

Bimbo Whiteboard

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Bimbo Whiteboard sample

Bimbo Jumbo

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Bimbo Jumbo sample

Bimbo Dripping Jumbo

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Bimbo Dripping Jumbo sample

About Bimbo

Bimbo is a monoline script font family created in 2018 by Francesco Canovaro for Zetafonts as an extension & redesign of the original Arsenale White typeface created with italian illustrator Jonathan Calugi. Bimbo expands the original design with...